Over the past decade, we've worked with clients in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia on projects ranging from the future of work to shared futures for mining in Mongolia and innovations for American Lives in 2025.



Our services are tailored to each engagement, guided by questions to help you explore, envision and/or establish the future of your business:  

  • What do you know about the future of your business?  Explore the implications of emerging trends by combining strategic foresight with business analysis:

    • Industry and environmental scanning;

    • Market profiles, customer impact assessments, and value chain analysis;

    • Early indicators and emerging hot spots.

  • What don't you know about the future of your business?  Envision alternative futures and position your business for potential paradigm shifts through scenario-based strategies and innovations:

    • Exploratory scenarios for situations of crisis and discovery;

    • Reframing scenarios for major market transitions;

    • Decision scenarios for resilience and flexibility.

  • Do your strategies address the opportunities and challenges ahead?  Establish strategic plans and priorities by building organizational alignment around a clearer view of the future:

    • Shared worldviews and mental models;

    • Strategic roadmaps, plans, and contingencies;

    • Responsibilities, timelines, and quick wins.

  • Do your innovation programs capture the opportunities of change?  Establish innovation programs by identifying emerging white space opportunities:

    • Ecosystem, landscape, and customer mapping;

    • Opportunity identification and analysis;

    • Market entry and positioning for success.

Each engagement is designed to answer these guiding questions; the breadth, depth, and duration of the project will depend upon your needs.  Most engagements are 12-16 weeks, including a scenario development workshop, scenario implications workshop, strategy/innovation workshop, and final executive session.  We've also led one-day scenario exercises and conducted multi-year engagements extending across the business and around the world.

For additional information, read about our approach and our projects, below, or explore our blog on what we see ahead.

Competitive Paradigms’ structured process gave us a way to integrate knowledge and insight from across the organization with research, analysis, and the views of experts. The scenarios revealed a much wider range of opportunities and challenges than we’d anticipated and the targeted analyses helped us build a compelling view of what’s ahead. Now we’re smarter, more aligned, and more responsive to market developments.


We believe exploring, envisioning, and establishing the future of your business is best done as a broad-based, integrated team effort - not as an ad hoc project outsourced to consultants, strategists, or futurists.  Our role is not to develop your future strategies and innovations for you - it's to facilitate a rigorous, robust process to help leaders from across your organization look more broadly and see more clearly so they can make better decisions about the future of your business.

Our process combines the rigor of strategic analysis with the insights of scenario methodology.  By considering not only what we know about the future but also what we don't know, we can identify the uncertainties and potential disruptions with the greatest potential impact on your business.  We can develop strategies and innovations that reflect the volatility, complexity, and ambiguity of your industry and prepare you for the opportunities and challenges ahead. 

Our work is conducted through a series of workshops supported by interviews, deep-dive research, and targeted strategic analyses, drawing on diverse perspectives and specialized expertise from both inside and outside your organization.  Workshop participants may include the senior executive team, business and functional leaders, or a combination of these and other groups. 

After each workshop, we'll distill the discussions and findings, support them with fact-based evidence, assess potential gaps or limitations, and develop an integrated view of the future of your business based on our work to date.  At the end of the project, we'll help you answer the question, "what is the future of our business?" and provide materials so you can share the findings, extend the work to additional businesses or products, and establish an early warning system for contingency planning.



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